Are you following Covid-19 protocols?

YES, we are following the protocols  of Alberta Health Services, the CIty of Calgary and Altadore Church, whose facility we are using. 

See full details and latest updates HERE

How do I get there? 

Bus #13 stops in front of the church. It comes from downtown and Mount Royal University. 

Bus #7 goes along 20th street only 4 blocks away. It comes from Crowchild Trail and downtown.

What classes do you offer?

English for daily life. We do offer this for different levels of English.

How much does it cost?

Full-time class tuition fee is $855.

There is a $30 fee for new student registration and testing. 

Registration fee is waived If paid before early registration date( See Classes page for current term dates).

What if I can't afford it?

Talk to us about your situation and we will discuss possibilities with you.

What if I have to cancel?

The testing fee is non-refundable after you have been tested.

The tuition fee is non-refundable once classes have started.

Where do I park? Is it free?

There is free parking in front of the church or on the sides of the building. 

Do not park in the bus zone across the street on 16th Ave. 

Are you accredited?

NO, what we offer is not for academic purposes, but for functional English in daily life. However, it will help prepare you for academic programs.

Are there restaurants close to the school?

YES, several are along 16th St. SW within about 4 blocks of the school.

There is hot water at the school and tea, sugar and artificial cream. It costs $0.25 a cup. This may depend on Covid-19 restrictions.  

Can I come early?

YES, but you should arrive no more than 30 minutes before class starts.   

Can I wait for my ride after class?

YES, but you should leave no later than 30 minutes after class ends. 

May I attend if I do not have the $30 to pay the registration fee?

You may explain your situation to us and an arrangement will be made with you for payment. 

May I pay online?

E-transfers for student payment can be made using the email: 

Can refugees study at CILC? 

YES, they may.

I still have questions! What do I do?

Please direct other questions you may have to our phone (587-664-9737 or 403-693-5548) or email (